BUDS aims to improve the quality of life for people experiencing Dementia, their family and carers living in the Borough of Sandwell.

Living with dementia can be difficult for the person experiencing the dementia and also for those around them. There is currently no cure for dementia, but what we can control is our response to the condition. With the right information and support people with dementia and their families can continue to lead positive and fulfilling lives.


BUDS was established in 2008 by the trustees of Harborne Parish Lands Charity, a local charity with extensive experience in providing supported living accommodation for older people and for grant making to organisations and individuals. BUDS is now a Registered Charity and a Limited Company in its own right and has developed the following  services in response to local need:



To use BUDS services you must have a diagnosis of Dementia.  As a carer you will need to either live in Sandwell or care for a person with dementia in Sandwell. You are welcome to self refer for any of our services or be referred by a health or social care professional or other organisation.